Teahouse Shoji

We were honored to repaper the shoji of a certain large manufacturer’s teahouse on the top floor of their company building. These days, shoji are, for the most part, papered using wagami. But years ago only small amounts of wagami were available. For that reason, seams would intentionally be made visible, displaying an attractive pattern in a technique called “ishigakibari”. Teahouses that are very particular concerning the materials used, still opt for this technique.


安達表具店は、京都市上京区の南端、二条城の北沿いにほど近い猪熊通に事務所と工房を構えて95年(令和2年現在)の歴史ある京表具店です。 日本の建築に欠かすことのできない襖、障子の新調、張り替え、製作だけでなく、額装や屏風、掛け軸までを幅広く取り扱っております。