Fusuma Repapering

The repapered fusuma and shoji of a lovely residence in Osaka. The fusuma is made of top-grade, handmade, hontorinoko paper; each sheet costing tens of thousands of yen. Compared to typical paper, an individual sheet of this is much thicker and is made from a fine, high-quality ganpi and birch mix, leaving the surface smooth with little pilling or fluffing. To help this particular paper keep its silky texture for as long as possible, an undercoat of Japanese tissue called kozogami, which possesses anti-mildew and anti-bug properties, was first applied in two layers.


安達表具店は、京都市上京区の南端、二条城の北沿いにほど近い猪熊通に事務所と工房を構えて95年(令和2年現在)の歴史ある京表具店です。 日本の建築に欠かすことのできない襖、障子の新調、張り替え、製作だけでなく、額装や屏風、掛け軸までを幅広く取り扱っております。